Onboarding Fall Students

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Dilruksh's ideas

My Experience

Slack had too many people, too much to handle

Felt there is no voice for me - but overcame as making more conversations

Conversations seems very indirect.. sometimes couldn't think its value

Having to be helped by someone, for example once when I needed a research paper to access - Allison helped me

Felt happy gradually when people call by name and gave recognitions in the conversations

Wanted to find out how to contribute and took a while to find out how best I can do it Addhoc meeting went very well in bonding - felt so nervous to speak up in saturday meeting but soon were able to be comfortable after getting to know each other.

What I propose

This open research is like a cMOOC( Connectivist MOOC) I took the steps proposed by Dave Cornier ( scholar)

1. Orient

2. Declare

3. Network

4. Cluster

5. Focus

Provide a Orientation

DRI by someone

Where are the material to read

Times of the meeting

Links to read

Assigning to be prepare by for a short presentation/ talk on their thoughts

have a chat with them / talk explain and demonstrate how to use the system

Explain who has been working and what areas and how can they contribute in one -to - one best is hangout

Declare a way to participate

Assign them to write a comment - trello /slack

Write a wiki page on their findings on a specific problem they came/ some research work / review

Let them to Experience the NETWORK

Find interesting people to talk to - make connections

Search for your interest areas , who has posted more on it and try to reply their posts

Make connections with the people comment on your posts

Direct Message them - keep a comforting network

Get to know their personal interests. where are they from, what university, work, country ect.. make a relative experience

Understand the comments and feedback are the heart to this project, keep communicating, visibility will increase on public conversations

Ask them to find a cluster

Not all of the people may write to you, reply to you, but you will find certain people that you may feel wonderful to keep in connected. Get connected to few people , even outside this project, get to know them more , lifestyle , learning styles, goals - mentoring

Make them focus on the goals

This open research will be overwhelming - too much of things happening too fast

It's important on your focus - you need to make sure your skills developed gradually over time

Request for lessons from key skill contributors

Make sure to apply your skills and demonstrate you ability in your desired areas

With this ideas, I propose

On boarding Orientation live hangout by Michael / Rajan on for the newcomers

Having a space to reflect on what they assigned to read and comment

Having a second hangout after 2 weeks - on boarding intermediate to discuss their findings difficulties - DRI by someone

Assigning mentors - for few weeks to take care of them - problems ect - lessons on area on interest in the project

Releasing them to the general weekly hangout and participate in weekly meeting