Onboarding call Nov 14 2015

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Main Ideas

  • People will begin joining in January
  • Goal to get them updated to what we have already done so far
    • Need to prepare documentation for them to understand what has been done
    • Current Documentation [1]
    • Need it to be less academic like the paper (can still have them read it) i.e. easier detail to follow
      • Try to show the thought process to lead us to where we are
  • Talk to Durim, Adam, and Shirish about coding aspect of this
    • Writing is good, but make some getting started videos
    • Show installation, deployment, how to videos for the current code base
  • Mentors helps out with more specifics details than tutorials

Onboarding Load and Slack

  • Assume we get 300 new people
  • 15 mentors can have 15 channels
    • Can add newcomers to those channels by default
    • The channel is only a one month event
      • After a month then the channel is gone
      • Mentors encourage newcomers to go outside of this channel

Title Change

  • Onboarding buddy tile instead of mentor
  • Onboarding based on people’s interest
    • good coding newcomers can go to the coding buddies
  • Need to get wording correct on radio question asking main work of interest the newcomers have

Previous issues

    • Don't know how to coordinate, how to team up, people were too busy
    • Goal: Don’t let them lose the context on the project
      • Direct line of communication needed
        • mentors can help with this
    • weekly meetings dropping people cause it wasn’t available for them when they needed it

Goals this week

    • Ryan: Create a forum for signing up to be a onboarding buddy
    • Create a structure for the onboarding experience
      • more detailed information structure
        • lay out what we need so people can add to that
      • meeting with research engineering people
      • need to know how willing they are to create these videos
    • put expert within the documentation
      • For newcomers communication: regular stuff talk to buddy, specific question talk to this expert