One idea for reputation sys by Juechi Zhou

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As we all know, most of the online crowd source platform is, more or less, unfair.So my suggestion aims to mitigate unfairness.

  1. Evaluate the quality of the review that a worker or requester write, identify whether it is informative and useful.(We already have a statistical and valid model to achieve this goal, see more details in the paper I read last week[[1]]).If the review proves to be useful, we give the writer a good score for review. If not, the writer will receive a bad score.And this score for review will effect the overall rating.
  2. Evaluate authenticity of the review. For example, for a worker, we analyze the review and rating with his performance (such as the promptness, well-curated profile,activity ). If review and rating is incommensurate with the performance, we will give the requester a bad record for giving false review. And this bad record will be shown on one's profile so that every one can see it. This will be a effective punishment. However, this bad record can be removed if the requester provide at least 5 real and informative reviews.