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There is a general level of dissatisfaction with current crowd platforms that have asymmetrical power arrangements and untrustworthy relationships as the result of poor transparency, barriers to access and unsustainable pricing models.


In a multistakeholder ecosystem, which Organizational Model should our Leadership Board (LB) embrace that is best suited to make efficient decisions through engagement?


The Custodian Group Model(CGM) is a hybrid organizational model that through voting,feedback and prototyping authentically engages the various stakeholders(platform, requesters, workers) in the decision making process (from ideantion to execution). The transparency of the process, the opportunity to participate(vote) and/or contribute(prototype) and the associated open communication creates a healthy operational environment in which Legitimacy and mutual Trust can flourish. The model's flexibility is that it embraces both top down and bottom up idea creation mechanisms. The community proposes suggestions/issues within the platform forum/or similar tool and upvotes the best suggestions or most critical issues. Voting allows the community's voice to be heard. The LB would then debate, sift, and execute. That is the basic idea (process loops are highly possible). The LB would also be empowered to prioritize ideas, but could not do so unilaterally. Rapid prototyping continues the engagement of the community and either introduces solutions into the ecosystem or identifies failures early on and reintroduces iterated ideas back into the voting process.