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Main Points

  • Quick discussion on collaboration measurements
    • System designed to measure number of topics being produced as well as number of responses

Forum features

  • Freelancer, doesn’t appear to be any forum on their, just discussion between requester and worker.
    • One to one communication, how beneficial is that?
  • WarriorForum,
    • Anonymity, also allow for personal chats
      • Voting process anonymous
      • Can’t see who voted what
  • Searching by tags and keywords
    • follow different threads
  • Anonymous voting and recommendation
    • to avoid the issue of people reacting to the voting rather than the post itself
      • Does anonymous voting improve satisfaction than non-anonymous voting?
      • Participatory voting, non necessary
  • Notifications of pressing forum ideas
  • "sticky" forum thread is always placed on the top part of each forum
  • forum dictated by ranking and voting
    • what are good types of voting mechanisms


  • IM available on the platform
    • Keeping records of the chats to help with disputes
  • Should leadership board have access to chat logs?
  • What kind of disputes?
    • quality of work finished
    • payment issues
    • rating being given
    • misunderstands of task requirements
      • misunderstanding what the requester wanted


  • voting type feature within forum posts
  • Should we have this all within one application?
    • Separate tabs, making it working with more than one tool
    • Avoid confusion with having it within one area
    • Bandwidth, a lot of traffic to the site to have it all on one

Goal for the next 24 hours

  • Vote for most needed feature, those that must be done within the month
  • Rank the features based on needs, what addresses the work that needs to be done