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We need Real workers and real requesters How are people given a voice? -regardless of the system

       --How to move forward with this? What tools are good for giving voice?

What is the scope of the leadership board, in terms of influence? Bring out the data of the leadership board survey next step should be to look at how our leadership board has worked meta issues satisfaction survey need to create a baseline survey!! Test our ability to question the workers and requesters within Daemo Is our system better than what they used to have? How to measure people's interaction, especially how to measure good relationships exit interviews for if workers or requesters leave Daemo? Operationalize some of their comments to quantifiable measures How to Quantify member satisfaction way to verify this with the survey? Can we develop a satisfaction quotient or trust factor through modeling? Custodial model - Organization researcher at MIT How do you start cold start? What issues of onboarding and creating operational world at the same time are there? We need to allow for evolution and maturity, but how do they change over time? Collaborative networks Measure could be within rewards like our badge network Leadership networks, are they identifiable? Measuring interactivity Define or Conceptualize dimensions that could affect interactivity Readings from dilrukshi can shed light on this Workers didn’t have a voice that was heard, tools to increase awareness of a workers commet Want to give them a formal channel of communication? In terms of forums or chats as typical tools are Get in touch with Mohammad in where he is at for the tools of worker communication Where does our idea of cooperation in building Daemo reflect within our marketplace? More active communication than forum -Possible active chat -Spam girl’s work with physical space and organization Rajan’s work on crowd cafes? Consumer satisfaction surveys? What was their measurement style? Current questions already exist, how to use these questions to build a model of satisfaction? Trygve's goals for Wednesday: satisfaction surveys and our own questions Dilrukshi's goals for Wednesday: active communication, research ideas and implementation in Daemo Curious to see how much interface there is between worker to worker Is more interaction better for workers? In terms of Satisfaction or work? Angela interested in learning groups? Application Towards Daemo Ryan's Goals: Talk with Mohammad on current tools for communication within Daemo, research measuring collaboration and what already exists out there now, and how to apply this within Daemo

Milestone this week: Create feasible research and tool agenda what tools do we want to implement for better communication and collaboration for workers and requesters in Daemo What will make Daemo stand out as a significant tool for crowdworker collaboration? Look at current communication structure for crowdmarket places Examine meetings with Spam girl should we have another one?