OpenGov 11-9-15-MeetingSummary

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Meeting with Ryan,Angela, and Mohammed

  • Angela's main interest is Reputation and secondary interested is learning groups

Questions that came up

  • curious about moving away from boomerang being a holistic rating?
  • Is it going to be such going forward?
  • How do workers group together for work?
    • What about leveling for skill?
  • Is there a worker history or requester history available within Daemo?
    • Are workers interested in communication or discussion with skills develop


  • List of strategies for workers to become good workers, kind of a good start for new workers
  • Rating based on the work people do rather than a holistic rating
    • Addresses how to search for good skilled workers rather than just good workers
      • Brings the question, How much do ratings vary across work categories?
      • RESEARCH IDAE: Are there people that get bad work done within one category of work and do well within another category
  • How to classify their strengths and weaknesses and how to potentially improve their weaknesses to improve their career
    • Would they want a mentoring system?
  • MOOC research could be potential of workers supporting workers

Goals This Week

  • Angela, what questions could you answer toward reputation within our current implementation of Daemo? Is there any improvements to Daemo or Bommerang that could help address some of the weaknesses at hand?
  • Mohammad is interested in creating a forum and wants a deadline