OpenGov Findings From Dilrukshi- Nov 10th 2015

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This wiki is to provide input on the discussion we had on the open Gov meeting with Ryan Trygve and Dilrukshi -

1. Ideas on Measuring the Interactivity

2. How to bring active communication into Daemo - ideas


Interactivity Measuring ideas

As we discussed in the meeting (above link) I suggested that we could measure interactivity in several ways.

For example, interactivity is a abstract concept, could describe in many ways.

1. One way of doing is using the methodology called - Operationalization -

Conceptual framework for measuring leadership -

2. Creating a model base approach ( prediction models ) - sample paper - measuring social interactions -

3. Building Conceptual frameworks and Statistical analysis of the tool - sample paper - eLearning quality dimensions identification - e-learning quality -

As a result of reading the interest on this - I found few great inputs on identifying and Measuring Your Online Community Success -

Article explains few KPI's to think in a social community to see the success i,e. Page reviews, New contributions ect..

Bringing active communication into Daemo

I always believe with the advancement of the internet and changing behaviors, individuals or in communities, people will find means to be more interactive. It is a must to have, if the community needs to thrive success.

In Daemo's context, we are in discussions to implement a forum as of a communication tool to keep a good relationship with Workers, Requesters and even the Platform researchers as us.

I am envisioning an online relationship/ an echo system fostering the the culture of engaging and knowing many of them in a personal level or at least engage in public activities online provide with the right tools in the Daemo.

One such idea is to integrate a live chat.

Next idea is to continue an online event conducted in every month or twice a month - its the "Daemo Club" with synchronous conversations to talk to each other, raise concerns, getting feedback ect..

I want to quote this from the BOOK- Community Building on the Web Secret Strategies for Successful Online Communities Amy Jo Kim

"Most large-scale Web communities—like Talk City, Ultima Online, GeoCities, Simutronics, CNN, and AOL —walk this line by developing a tiered leadership structure that includes full-time staff, part-time contractors, and shifting ranks of volunteers. If you expect to have such a mix, you should launch your leadership program with paid, experienced leaders if you can afford it. This will let you attract people who know what they’re doing, avoid the ambiguities of dealing with volunteers, and get your program off on the right foot. These experienced leaders can then help you set up the infrastructure and policies for your volunteer leadership program."