Principles to guide the forum design

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Forum is an important tool to implement the open-gov, our vision is to act as a hub, where workers, requestors and researchers collaborate to govern Daemo by having access to information and data , engaging in brainstorming and discussions, and and taking well-informed are three Principles the will guide the design process and the management of the forum.

1- Informed crowd

Daemo’s envision is to be a self-governing platform, this vision is centric around the crowd, however, only well-informed crowd can understand the core issues of the platform then, collectively, think and take decisions. The forum should facilitate access to these kinds of information : Statistics about daemo and other platforms, LB decisions and meetings, scientific papers, relevant articles,and blogs.

2- Open innovation

The notion that ideas come from anyone and through open and free discussions with others is an essential part of open innovation. unlike current platforms on the industry, daemo is not relying on a limited group of experts or developers to bring new ideas and to decide on its future. we rely on the informed crowd to innovate and and develop their platform through discussions, brainstorming and ideations .

3- Active crowd

Governing daemo is not only about leadership board taking right decisions, it’s also about well-informed and active crowd taking actions through nomination, voting and writing petitions