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UPDATE on initial ideas submitted below: To save bandwidth I now reject the idea of including photos.

List core contributors first and then other contributors after using this type of format:

Angela Richmond-Fuller, Canadian-Brit living in Australia. Interests: User Experience, Collaborative Learning and Design Thinking. + links to :daemo: profile page, twitter and LinkedIn

The Daemo Profile Page should be a page where people can further expand on their areas of interest/expertise, past papers authored, current collaborations/projects and contact details. This could be in the form of a wiki or personal webpage.

  • Previous ideas:

On the Daemo profile page list @michaelbernstein @rajanvaish @geza and @ranjaykrishna (and whoever else coordinates this project) first, the core contributors listed as authors of the CHI paper next and then all other contributors in alphabetical order after that.

Allow for users to search the list with keywords and also to rearrange them alphabetically,

Include photos of the core contributors (those listed on the CHI paper) with all the others listed below.

It would be good to be able to see at a glance what the areas of research/interests are.

Ideally we could have:

Core contributors - Black and white photo that changes to text when you hover over (or click) the photo. Rather than going to a different page, a watermark text block could appear which details research/interests/achievements. Below the photo display the researcher's name and linked icons for 1) Daemo profile (more detailed stuff) 2) twitter 3) LinkedIn

All other contributors - Name linked to profile pages