Summer Progress Summary 10

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This week we had logo submissions from:

Alex Aaron Peña Angela Richmond-Fuller Shirish Goyal Christopher Diemert Trygve Cossette Abigail Reyes Rolando Cruz Zhou Juechi Tejas Sarma Nisha Nair Rijul Magu JSilver Claudia Saviaga Michael Bernstein Ramachandra Nanjegowda

Christopher’s concepts have won. He is currently developing the logo while I’m developing the homepage. Claudia Saviaga has also been contributing to the homepage’s content.

Worker Submission

lucamatsumoto has started working on a screen which will be used by the workers to submit macro tasks, I have been working on fixing task feed and designing the tiny algorithm for allocating tasks to workers, more updates coming tomorrow

Task Creation

requesters can now upload csv files and create microtasks in which they reference the column headers of the csv. We are also beginning work to make the task creation flow more accessible and user friendly. Big thanks to @rohit and @maniksingh92 for their contributions and @dmorina, @neilthemathguy, and @ksetyadi for their invaluable advice, comments, and code review.

Elections (OpGov)

With the help of Rajan, we started the election cycle on Sunday in which 12 candidates declared for 7 slots. Elections ran from Wednesday to Friday and an LB was declared on Friday. MB, Neil(Requesters), Alison, Karolina, Durim (Platform), JSilver and Trygve (Workers) are the first elected Deamo LB. Rajan was the election commissioner as Alison and I were candidates. We used ElectionBuddy as a voting tool because it offered better metrics, security, anonimity, automation...Rajan will have more detailed numbers, but the voter pool was 78 people who had recent activity on Slack (within the last month). We have a 50+% participation rate.