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Design Axes for 3 Themes

For each of the three themes you've chosen, talk with your team about:

  • What do these ideas tend to have in common?
  • How do these ideas tend to differ?

Use your insights from this conversation to generate design axes like we discussed in last week's meeting (see slide notes if you'd like). Write up a short paragraph (2-4 sentences) for each theme summarizing the similarities, differences, and axes inspired.




List of Ideas and the Theme they belong to

Milestone 4 Pumas Empathy: crowdDirector

The Crowd Director consists of group of workers who understand the workers and work for the workers. The group will collectively form a "crowd director" which helps requesters to direct their workers, while looking out for the needs of the workers. The Crowd Director aids requesters to:

a) Present their tasks to workers.

b) Motivate workers to produce quality work.

Milestone 4 Pumas Community: TurkerSociety To create quality work there needs to be a community between the workers. We believe it is important to design a platform with mechanisms that facilitate community creation. Following sociological theory, we consider that a community can be built by (a) having everyone know each other; and (b) following certain values.

Milestone 4 YourTeamName AnotherThemeName: Description of your idea

For each of the 3 ideas, describe (using diagrams, sketches, storyboards, text, or some combination) the ideas in further detail.

Please create a separate wiki page for each of your ideas, so we can link to them individually. The title of the wiki page should be Milestone 4 followed by your team name and a description of the idea itself (ex: Milestone 4 YourTeamName Reputation: Leveling System for Workers Leading to Better Wages). Once done, post a link to each of your THEME-related ideas to http://crowdresearch.meteor.com/ following the instructions at Milestone 4#Submitting