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CrowdResearch is currently tackling two different problems that will change the world:

  • Create new crowd market place
  • Conduct research with the crowd.

We believe that to succeed it might be easier to tackle each problem separately.

Crowd Market Place

The crowd market place has the potential of changing people's lives throughout the world. We believe that to be finished on time, and be used across the globe it might be more efficient to adopt a more traditional production model:

The crowd Market Place should be a social business. We should hire a software company to finish implementing the platform, have it ready for commercial use on time. Once the platform is finished we can have at first volunteers who give technical support to the platform. But after the platform starts to have earnings we use that to pay a staff of software engineers to give technical support and provide improvements. We could think that the staff of the platform could involve Software Engineers, User Experience Engineers, Product Manager, Senior UX Designer, Community Engagement, Public Policy Manager, Recruiters etc.

Following a more traditional mode of production could facilitate finishing the platform on time, and having it ready for worldwide use. We could think of using crowd funding approaches, apply for grants to further fund the platform.