Pumas usability evaluation findings

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Pumas Team: Usability Evaluation Findings


- Claudia Flores Saviaga

- William Dai

- Saiph Savage

- Team Member (add name)

- Team Member (add name)

Here we present the results of our usability evaluations. We asked X users to use the task design section of the Daemo platform. The users were asked to evaluate based on the ten steps of Nielsen's Heuristic Evaluation[1]:

User Info

User 1 Task Design Workflow

1.-Create and Account
3.-Project Category
4.-Project Details
6.-Design Task
9.-Payment (user returned to that section)
9.-Summary (user returned to that section)

General Notes: The user had trouble in the part of task design because he didn't know what the properties panel was for or how to use it. He also had problems in the payment section because the user could put anything in there, which caused errors reflected in the summary section. Therefore, the user had to press the back button to correct that, and even when he errase the service fee part, he got errors at the end. The user also expressed confusion in the Milestones section. The user didn't understand what was for the option where the use of a webpage was allowed.


Crop 10 Images to Passport Photo Size/General Evaluation

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Aesthetic and Minimalistic Design

User 1: "I like the design and the fact that the amount of data to fill was acceptable"

Consistency and Standards

User 1: "I do not have problem with this"

Error Prevention

User 1: "The same as user control and freedom, in the summary i got an error on the payment that i wrote, and i didn't know why."

Flexibility and Efficiency of Use

User 1: "Some parts where confusing like task Design section"

Help and Documentation

User 1: "There were parts that where confusing and no help, or examples were available"

Helps Users Recognize, Diagnose and Recover from Errors

User 1: "There was no solution suggested for the errors that i got and I didn't know how to fix them."

Match between System and World

User 1: "Some concepts are not clear to me as i stated in the feedback on the screenshots"

Recognition Rather than Recall

User 1: -NA-

User Control and Freedom

User 1: "The part of the payment i didn't understand. I was being able to change the service fee without warning"

Visibility of System Status

User 1: "I know which part of the task design workflow i am at each step thanks to the progress bar at the top."