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TurkOpticon Reviews


Turker thoughts about pay on Survey Tasks

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Data: TurkOpticon 5 Votes v. All Others for Survey Tasks
Welch Two Sample T-Test Students' T-Test
p = 0.005428 p = 0.003642

Data CSV from March 19 [1]

data: dat$Tasks.w..5s and dat$All.Others t = 3.3403, df = 12.791, p-value = 0.005428 alternative hypothesis: true difference in means is not equal to 0 95 percent confidence interval: 1.976024 9.246208 sample estimates: mean of x mean of y 10.863968 5.252852

Hairball Map: What might happen outside of Turk? How might Requesters manipulate tasks as a response?


---Begin Task Submission--- ---Evidence---
1.Worker submits work GENERIC
2.1 Requester mass rejection parameter kicks in GENERIC
3.1 Requester team screens rejected tasks [Account 46]
4.1 Requester team submits results report to Worker [Account 46]
5.1 Requester team posts to worker review page [Account 46]
2.2 Requester sends verification email (UNKNOWN) [Account 56]
2.3 Requester sends automated email [Account 62]
2.3.1 includes a task ticket confirmation [Account 17]
---Begin Generic Email Response---
1. Worker writes email to requester GENERIC
2.1 Requester responds to email quickly GENERIC
---something happens---
2.2 Requester does not receive email GENERIC
2.3 Requester marks worker's email as "spam" [Account 17]
NOTE: 17 is vengeful worker. "make sure I was paid my 20 cents".

Might have acted in a way to have pushed requester to mark emails as "spam".

Tasks w/ 5s All Others Mean 10.86396774 5.252851782 SD 4.807581499 2.259549664 N 10 10 P 0.003642357



TurkOpticon RDQA 3.21.1714 database

TurkOpticon RDQA 3.19.1700 database