Rep based on positive affirmations and self assessment

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This aspect of the assignment deals primarily with three aspects - how to improve Boomerang, how to deal with reputations of new comers and helping them deal with work relevance issues!

As I was brainstorming, I just thought around the following patterns elaborating on the ideas already mentioned above.

1. MOTIVATION - Often workers receive no payment for work that gets rejected and also for the side work that they do (like helping in aspects of task design, project design, setup process, testing or motivating co-workers) which is highly under-appreciated.

We all know that it is quite challenging to sustain interest in a task which provides hardly any short term benefits (you can't go with just the big picture all the time).

POSSIBLE WORKAROUND - We can probably improve Boomerang or introduce a mechanism such that workers receive payment not based on the final outcome (of success or failure which depends not only on the workers dedication but also on a lot of other aspects like task design, payment, task complexity and so on) but on the process of reaching the final destination in itself where there are "help a friend" option which motivates workers to help co-workers, introduces compassion in them and get some financial bonus for suggesting positive changes to task design which get implemented, or helping the requester implement other aspects of the larger idea etc. Also, maybe we can get users to rate their own work honestly as an experiment and see if that produces better results than the current model.