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This aspect of the assignment deals primarily with three aspects - how to improve Boomerang, how to deal with reputations of new comers and helping them deal with work relevance issues!

As I was brainstorming, I just thought around the following patterns elaborating on the ideas already mentioned above.

MOTIVATION - Can we sustain or possibly improve the user base? How?

WORKAROUND - We need to build an interface which is relatively easy to use (by both technical and non technical audience) and also implements fair system of wages. Moreover, maybe when a new worker joins the platform, (remember "the beginning is always the hardest") we have some artificial intelligence mechanisms to guide the crowd around the interface and also, have separate or rather, customized ranking systems for beginners where tasks are relatively easy and fairly intuitive (closely obvious) or nearly gold standard with nominal pay so that Workers don't end up competing with professionals for tasks (and end up disappointed really soon) and also the fact that it provides them enough time to get well acquainted with the user interface and gain confidence and push themselves complete greater milestones.