Reputation System Idea

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  • The new worker or requester as soon as he/she joins the crowdsourcing platform they should not be given the opportunity to rate the co-worker or requester until they finish some minimum number of tasks or until they build their reputation because there are chances that somebody can join the platform for fun and can randomly rate their co-workers or requester or since they are new to the platform and they really don’t understand how crowdsourcing works or they don’t have much knowledge about it so in that case also they can end up giving bad reviews or rating.

  • There can be situations when friends can keep rating each other many times so in this case one thing which can be done is after every task is completed then only requester should get chance to rate the worker or vice-versa and if same user is rating another user again and again in a very short span of time then we can take average of it for example if requester A gives 4.5 rating to worker B for something and after sometime again requester A gives rating to worker B as 4.5 then the average of this can be taken since it is from the same requester within a given time.

  • If the rating is done as anonymous or non-anonymous then some less weightage can be given to only anonymous negative comments while calculating the trust or rating because many a times people can purposefully do it to take revenge.