Reputation System Idea from Xiwang

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Xiwang's reputation system using Game Theory

Summary of Game Reputation System

  • Observing those mature rating and reputation systems like Ebay, Amazon, I found that most of their reputation system create a buyers' market atmosphere with requesters' high demanding for workers(sellers). The reason why it established is those companies are the traditional Internet business corporations who built the trade platform and earn the profits from it. So buyers are GOD.
  • Compared to those profit companies, our CrowdSourcing platform is actually distinct with those Internet commercial companies-- we are partial to workers. Thus I put up a kind of game rules for workers and requesters to seek out a amenable reputation game rules.


  • Premise: all registers starts his platform career from 3(bottom to 1, top to 5) stars;all registers must review your requester/worker after the trade made by you two.

1. Good worker is GOD. But GOD needs to dedicate more --- 5 stars worker must be ready to accept all trades request from any requesters. Also, for compensating these deft men, 5 stars worker require high payment.

2. Low rating requester is limited. Because our platform is not partial to requesters;requester who just positioned in low ratings like 2-stars, could only select high level workers like 5-stars in order to fit the "harsh" customers' demanding.

Case show

  • Worker can post his/her skills on board for attracting requesters who accord to our rules to make business with; requester can post his/her requirement on board for crying for workers.
  • Rating rules for establishing trade:

   Requesters looking for employment needs to satisfy:| Workers looking for tasks needs to satisfy:
  ---requester ratings---   ---worker ratings---      |    ---worker ratings---   ---requester ratings---
           5                     1,2,3,4,5            |             5                   1,2,3,4,5      
           4                      2,3,4,5             |             4                     3,4,5
           3                        4,5               |             3                      4,5
           2                         5                |             2                       5
           1                         5                |             1                       5