Requester rep sys UI KM monitoring

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This is the flow of the task feed on the requestors' work monitoring page.


Once you click on Review work


Once you click on View work


I used stars instead of checkmarks in this one to show an idea I have for icons for the rating system.

Clicking on task instructions brings up the task instructions in a new window. Input is whatever it was they were to work on (what you upload in column 1 of the CSV on AMT) Submission is the work they did Review is what to do with the work - keep it, return it to the worker for a quick fix, or return it to the pool. The latter also automatically checks "skip worker" so they can't do any more work. Return to worker requires a comment in the feedback box. Rate doesn't actually "judge" the worker with terms like "excellent" or "bad", instead it sets the priority of the worker. Give priority means the requestor's work will appear to that worker before anyone of a lesser score. Second string means that they will only see the work if it languishes uncompleted for x time. Last string means they will only see the work if even the second string doesn't do it. Skip worker means that the worker will be blocked from seeing the work at all any longer. This setting is separate from the approve/reject part as someone may accept the work but not want the worker to do their work any longer.