Rijul Magu- Feature Suggestion Incorporation Idea

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The following mechanism can be used to address the issue of incorporating suggestions from the community into the platform. It is based on discussions with Jsilver and his Custodian Group concept. http://crowdresearchgov.meteor.com/posts/FfoT65bqHpFjcQmZE

1) The community posts feature suggestions and upvotes them.

2) Periodically, the top N ideas are selected by the leadership board (by number of votes).

3) The platform developers within the leadership board filter out suggestions that are not feasible. Internal voting is carried out to achieve this.

4) The remaining suggestions are passed to the remaining section of the leadership board- the elected worker & requester representatives. They reorder the list by importance.

5) The final list is voted upon sequentially by the entire leadership board.