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Gathered Sky teams

Signup methods:


a. Asks information on address

b. SSN, bank info

c. Personal information

d. Takes 48 hours to process


a. doesn’t exist, only works as a trial on Nokia cellphones MobileWorks a. Signup through LeadGenius

b. Asks about English knowledge

c. Gives an audio to transcript

d. Gives a text to read and answer questions

e. Asks about languages you know

f. Asks to introduce yourself in an audio file and send it to them

g. Takes 2-3 weeks to process


a. Based on Foundry for management and oDesk for recruiting

b. No signup


a. Two signups : freelancer and worker

b. Asks you to build your profile and add your skills

c. Company signup and individual signup

d. Integrated with google and facebook to sign in or create account with some basic info


a. Usual signup integrated with google or creating new account with basic info

b. No processing time


a. Regular signup

b. You can start after signup

c. No processing time


a. Solve puzzle for science

b. No signup