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Hi everyone,

Since the day, I joined this project, I was finding a great similarity between the environment of the platform and the carpet industry here in my hometown,Panipat.

In carpet industry, carpet exporters are like requesters who gets order from clients abroad, and they pass the complete order down to a Job-workers(manufacturers) , or distribute it among multiple manufacturers.

Common conflicts, problems and new initiatives in this industry are discussed by Haryana Carpet Association.

I managed to get in touch with Vice-President of this association to get insight of the governing process and his views not this. (just kidding, He is my father :D )

Here are the key points, that I think would be of some importance to this foundation.

  • How a decision should be taken ? By representatives or by voting from all members?
    • Ans. It depends on the nature of decision to be taken
      • a. Sometimes there are cases, where a representative has not faced a problem, and the problem is just a mere preference instead of a important decision, so in that case we can rely on voting system.
      • b. But when the issue requires to make a decision, that is important to platform, we can not solely reply on votes, we need representatives, who can rise above personal benefits and short mindedness and can take decision that are beneficial to organisation as a whole.
  • So, this suggests two system for decision,but the policies laid should be rigid so How is this achieved in Carpet Association?
    • Ans. Simple, when a issue seems to be of preference, the executive board calls for a overall voting among all members of the association.
  • Why do you think all people are not mature enough to participate in decisions ? And most probably such persons would be less in number than the intellect people, so will it matter in final decision ?
    • Ans. Intellect and immaturity, in his sense is contextual. He gave me some examples of event that happened in Association and also some example from common life. Let me know if anyone is interested

Apart from this association, there are some other things in common between carpet industry and our platform, like the Milestones and other things. I will soon get insight of those processes also.

Governance System Proposal

There are some issues in mapping the Carpet Association governance system with that of out platform :

  1. How to select representatives for our governance ? Since nobody knows each other personally and can’t judge his maturity, which is not a problem in Carpet Association.
  2. Carpet Association is one sided that maps to only workers, what about requesters ?
  3. Carpet Association comprises less number of members, around 100~150, So executive board can manage to listen to issues of each members and can decide whether to act on them or not. But That would be difficult for representatives of our platform to listen to those issues which should not be dealt by platform governments.

So here I propose a system which may not be as simple, but may still be a good option:

  • Selection of representatives :
    • 1. We could first fix a ratio for Workers and Requester’s representatives.
    • 2. then each of these categories should be divided in quotas as follow :
      • Quota 1 : Some workers and requesters will be selected base on their experience in crowdsourcing, and we will try to keep them diversified i.e their experience should cover most types of task available or possible on our platform.
      • Quota 2 : After those, elections would be held for second quota. But how will people know who is capable of acting responsibly and who is not ? Continue reading !
      • These 2 groups of people would be having major decision power.
      • Quota 3 : Third quota would be more like volunteers, that may be selected by first quota or second quota or both. These people will be responsible for smooth functioning of governance, by labelling the issues appropriately. they will also label the priorities of the issue. (priorities will only be visible to representatives)
      • Quota 0 : Apart from workers and requester’s representative, we will also have platform maintainers in executive board also. (which will be responsible for selecting people for first quota.
  • What will be the flow of a issue posted by any non-executive :
    • a. Issue is posted on governance platform, along with suggested labels or tags
    • b. Issue is open for discussion, people can discuss the solution, authenticity of issue, and can up-vote answers of other. Based on number of up-votes on answers or the issue itself, member will be rewarded different badges. Something similar to Stack-Overflow or Apple Support Communities.
      • i. Apart from badges, representatives will naturally consider the most voted answer while making decision.
      • ii. If the solution proposed is selected, by representatives, then a more dignified badge will be awarded.
      • iii. Theses badges will also help people to vote for the right candidate in elections. They will be able to get an insight of intellect and views of candidate.
    • c. Once issue is posted, the volunteers selected(quota 3) for labelling the issues will verify the labels, and will assign the correct ones, if required, They will also set priorities of the issue.
    • d. After getting labels, Issue will now be discussed by representatives, and will be acted upon, within the expected time.
    • e. The representatives should be answerable to top 3 solutions proposed, if none of them is accepted as the final decision.

Thanks for reading, Please give feedback to undersigned.

--Vishwajeet Narwal (talk) 12:33, 15 June 2015 (PDT) slack : vnarwal95