Summer MIlestone 2 Surabhi i Reviewing Intermediate Results

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Task: Reviewing of intermediate results

The interface has been designed on the concept that by reviewing of work by the requester as the task progresses, and not on completion of the whole project can produce better levels of quality of work, better time management and better satisfaction can be attained among both, the worker as well as the requester.

The interface for the task:

The Workflow: Click on Ongoing Projects
The list of projects will appear. Select the Project. Two options will be present: ‘Proofreading plan’ and ‘View Proofreading requests’
Select: ‘Proofreading Plan’. This plan will be designed by the requester so that it becomes mandatory for the worker to submit the work for proofreading. The planned proofreads will be mentioned as “scheduled” proofreads.The other proofreads will be mentioned as “unscheduled” proofreads.
The details of proofreads: Whether they should be at fixed intervals or not. If fixed intervals, mention the intervals else mention the duration of every interval. The requester can also add the details of proofreads here.
Click “Create”. After this is done, a number line of the milestones is created. This makes managing of proofreads a bit easier.

After doing so, click on Proofread Requests on the left-hand side corner. You will be redirected o the “View Proofread Requests Page”. The list projects can be seen. Select the project and accordingly the proofread requests can be seen. Open the attachment. If the work is fine according to the requester, he will tick the option of “correct”. This shall turn the color of the proofread green on the worker’s side and will be stored in the "completed" sections on the requester's side, else he will mark “Needs more work”, then the request changes its background color to red on the worker’s side and a text box will open on the requester’s side wherein the requester can insert the message that needs to be sent to the worker along with the proofread-request ID. If a proofread is the review of an already sent proofread-request, it will be marked as a review of the original proofreading- request.