Summer Meeting 21 10-19-2015

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Meeting called by @michaelbernstein 0:00:00

Welcome to our new Meeting time

Rajan and Adam are there!



Soft Launch November 6


  • Leadership Board vs. Research Admins
  • Surveys
  • Implementation of authoring page
  • Updated design of worker feed
  • Open Governance
  • Round 3

Crowd Research Admin


Michael, Rajan, Ranjay, Geza There are three projects: this one (HCI), data science, and Computer vision

How do we organize ourselves, bring in new people, etc? Reach out to Admin with feedback.

If you think there’s another way to set up this feedback, reach out about that too.

Policy stuff falls to the leadership board but concerns regarding improving the collaborative workflow should go to the admins.



If you’re doing data collection, get in touch so we’re not asking the same questions. Survey design is difficult and response rate is often lower than desired. Please coordinate

Identifiable information will be removed but most of the results will be shared with the group.

What kinds of questions will be in the survey?

General demographics. What kinds of contributions? How many hours did you contribute? Go to people who dropped off. How far did they stay, why did they leave?

What do people think about the credit system/page rank/ team dynamics/ milestones/ peer feedback/upvoting/ DRI leadership/ thoughts about research and how the project has impacted your career.


(led by Shirish) 10:20

Changing how the CSV is being used. New functionality. Different task authoring modes. Explanation of pull requests on GitHub.

Worker Design

(led by Adam) 17:16

Worker Interface Priorities Task Feed

  • Thinner task feed
  • Right click for new tab
  • Sort Tasks

Individual Task

  • Improve (check) icons
  • Better keyboard navigation
  • Remove ratings


  • Refactor rating
  • Aggregate tasks across requesters
  • Only show unrated requesters

Monitoring page

(led by Shirish) 25:20

There will be hangouts to discuss redesign and improvements to the monitoring page then prep for the soft launch.

Open Gov

(led by Angela) 27:33

Had a few hangouts about open gov. There was a hangout about a forum and managing our data and communication. had another meeting to look at our mission and motto, also the market segment we want to focus on.

Trygve was keen on broad but others mentioned being specific/ building an MVP. Juechi looked into nonProfit/for Profit structures. Would be good to get more people involved in deciding the srtucture (for/non profit)

Ryan highlighted a lot of relevant research articles and shared them in the wiki. a lot of people felt as though we hadn’t looked into the literature enough.

Ryan has been looking at member roles over lifecycle models. How do members become more emergent leaders rather than organization. do we want a formalized or not style of leadership structure.

Michael: The leadership board emerged from the desire to address the need for fair representation, not from the desire to build a leadership structure.

The question is less about emergent leadership (although it’s important) but more about how to give representation to users who are not creators of the platform. where’s the balance/boundary and what’s the channel to give users a voice?

There are multiple questions: how should we make decisions, how should we organize ourselves, how should the overhead on the platform be? How are we all represented fairly?


Leadership’s influence on pro social behavior. Making decisions that are impacting a community including handling disputes

Collective intelligence handbook A third of it is about how leadership occurs in peer production communities (page 4.)

Angela mentioned more participation. It would help to signal which things you want everyone’s participation, and which things you just want the interested people.

Leadership Board Summary

(led by Karolina) 41:07

Still trying to understand the LB role in the platform. wrote up an outline. Will deal with situations involving disputes and financial situations. and major changes design/name changes, will be left to the users (designers programmers, etc.) The leadership board will be composed of people who don’t necessarily build the platform.

Next Round of Crowd Researchers


After soft launch, bring in new people. We’ve all gone through onboarding ourselves and some of us have helped onboard others

Several votes for open enrollment, but none for targeting specific skills or backgrounds. Prefer to allow people to join individually and then join a team as opposed to requiring a team to join.

Michael attaches fisheye lens 55:23

Engage everyone in the onboarding process. What tasks should they do? Read our paper? Review previous milestones? What does the first week with a new cohort look like?

Review of the discussion/plans for next week


Brief mention of venues for future paper submissions

Please add to these notes if something was missed.