Summer Milestone 10 I rate you , you rate me

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I rate you. You rate me. Should we do so publicly? [1]



This paper describes about how reciprocity plays an important role in building a reputation system . The author has done analysis on 3 data sets that is , epinions and , it shows how rating can change a users mind whether it is buying some product or building a trust on some user and how anonymous and non-anonymous rating works , it shows though the non-anonymous rating cannot be neglected but still the anonymous rating is equally or even slightly more helpful in building the trust and also how different factors like gender, age, geographic location affects the rating but whether it is anonymous and non-anonymous the ratings should never be considered as it is, one should examine the context in which they were given and then only the decision should be made.


  1. Reciprocity generally helps in building reputation system.
  2. Vouching is one good way of building reputation system .
  3. Anonymous users tend to give good and genuine reviews since their name is involved.


  1. Best friends tend to give good rating to each other compare to the third unknown person inspite of seeing their work .
  2. Rating if not taken care properly results in trusting the user or a product even it is not good .
  3. Non-anomyous users can give bad rating to a person as a revenge even though the person is good.