Summer Milestone 10 Logo Design AngelaRichmondFuller

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Joined up ae and red dots in O.jpg

A logo of Daemo using @trygve's joined up ae idea and expanding @shirish.goyal's dots in the o idea. The 3 coloured dots (orange, red, whatever) could represent the workers, requesters and researchers working jointly, sharing power and trust.

Joined up ae.jpg

Joined up ae - which was in the past sometimes used to mean "we" or "us". Can this idea be further reworked in some way to look like an abstract handshake as @michaelbernstein suggested?

Negative space joined up ae.jpg

Just an idea for an app square logo - similar idea to

Plain name with joined ae and 3 dots in O.jpg

Example of a logo we may want to use. Feel free to adapt, amend or scrap.

3 dot circle.jpg

Representing workers, requesters and researchers.