Summer Milestone 10 Reputation System outline and review

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Welcome to the wiki for the Daemo Reputation System!

Factors affecting the reputation system

For workers:

  1. length of time on the platform
  2. number of tasks completed
  3. content analysis
  4. communication
  5. skills

For requesters:

  1. number of tasks posted
  2. length of time on the platform
  3. feedback
  4. clarity of the task posted
  5. communication
  6. amount he/she pays compared with other requesters ???

Types of reputation systems

  1. content-driven and endorsement networks
  2. reputation tied to various skills - provide an aggregate rating for all of the task completed (for both workers and requesters) and also a breakdown of reputation for each skill

Elements of reputation systems

  1. ongoing vs end-of-task feedback/ratings
  2. social network referrals rather than star ratings
  3. based on skills rather than everything bundled into one rating?

Summer Milestone 9 Reputation Paper Summaries

  1. List of assignees and papers (Reputation System Milestone) [1]
  2. Paper Summary Wiki- summary, pros and cons for all reputation-related research papers. [2]

Work previously completed by research project participants

  1. Link to all the documents with the word "Reputation" in the Crowd Research Wikis [3]


  1. Relevant Work Wiki [4]