Summer Milestone 10 Reputation Systems research and exploration Rating Friends Without Making Enemies surabhi and kajal

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Introduction to the paper

Ratings among platform users is a simple task but involves complex subjective dimensions which cannot be overlooked. The paper discusses some of the factors that influence the rating system of an Online Social Networking Site(OSNS): ''

About Couchsurfing
Couchsurfing is an OSNS established in 2003 (before facebook). It lets people build their profiles, connect with people and view their connection's profiles. It is a network of travelers and hosts where hosts are the people who are ready to make a room in their own homes for the travelers to stay. Such a process needs high levels of trust.

Points discussed in the paper
- Relation and or pattern observed between ‘friendship’ and ‘trust’. - Reciprocal ratings
- Reaction to ratings
- Public versus private rating system and its effect on the reciprocal ratings.
- Quantification of relationships on a predefined scale
- The effect of language and culture on ratings
- Effect of ratings on others reputation
- Timing of ratings relative to the evolution of a relationship