Summer Milestone 10 lucamatsumoto Macro Work Submission

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Macro Work Submission Page

This is the rough design of the page and data model to submit works for macro tasks

Page Design



  • workers submit files as "work"
  • workers won't access Google Drive or Requester's website directly

So this page gets the file from the worker, then uploads them to the destination servers, like Google Drive.


Page URL: /work/ API URL: /api/work/

Data Model

    id             AutoField
    task           ForeignKey (id) -> Task
    comment        TextField
    file_count     IntegerField
  • The file count field is to keep the number of files originally uploaded. This may be useful because the files may be deleted or lost after we upload them to the destination site.
  • Can a task have many works? or is it one-to-one?
    id        AutoField
    work      ForeignKey (id) -> Work
    link      TextField
  • Should the link be URLField or TextField?