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After reading through all the information on the Open-Gov surveys at I now think that Participatory Democracy with an Advisory Committee would be the best way forward.

To make it work we would need to identify more robust ways to encourage participation such as a quick 2 to 3 allourideas selection when workers/requesters login to the platform each time or before payment is exchanged for task completion.

The Daemo Advisory Committee could be comprised of representatives who would identify all the related factors per issue highlighted, including any relevant research or evidence supporting both the pros and the cons and then all platform participants would be responsible for voting on the issue after having been presented with all the facts. The representatives of the Advisory Committee could be workers, requesters, business (such as big business, small business, Angel Investors, VCs), people with interests/expertise in Learning and Development, researchers and Daemo developers.

The platform does need management but I'm not convinced that concentrating the decision making in the hands of a few is very innovative, especially given the opportunities that technology provides and brilliant minds on this project to find ways to make the realities of participatory democracy function smoothly.

There's nothing very innovative about a Leadership Board acting like a Board of Director, deciding which key decisions the crowd are and aren't allowed to participate in making.

Daemo has an opportunity here to be different, better and transformational.