Summer Milestone 11 Reputation System Idea by AngelaRichmondFuller

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Workers' and requesters' reputation ratings linked directly to each skill area rather than an aggregate rating for all the tasks incorporating various skills all bundled into one. A worker may produce fantastic results on logo work but so so results on python coding, for example.

Further considerations:

Ensure an appropriate identification of skill type and level when onboarding new workers:

  1. Workers self-certify their level (novice, veteran, expert) for each skill for which they want to accept work.


  1. Workers are set some tasks (determined and developed by set of workers (paid) with those skills) to complete in order to demonstrate their skills OR submit a portfolio of previous work for review??

How the badges would work:

  1. Workers given badges to identify skill mastery. If the worker doesn't complete the task to an acceptable level they could choose to hide the results on their profile page.
  2. Badges are linked directly to skills - when the skill evolves, the worker will get a notification that it's time to upskill in order to keep the badge. I envisage that we'd eventually builds some sort of skills development advisor algorithms into the platform which will link through to appropriate, free, relevant and timely resources for upskilling.

Would self-certification lead to fraudulent behaviour? How would the reviewers of the tasks completed be paid? If we trust that workers will be honest about their skill level will that lead