Summer Milestone 11 Reputation System Idea by Claudia Flores-Saviaga

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In other platforms new workers have trouble getting their first jobs as they have no reputation. As discussed with @arichmondfuller we can help new workers gain their first feedback and reputation by allowing them to do jobs for charities and NGOs.

NGOs and charities always need to get things done either a webpage, business card, data entry, etc, but they prefer spending their resources in their core mision rather than in administrative expenses. On the other hand new workers need to gain reputation within the platform in order to improve their profile. We can help both parties.


  • Charities and Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) can post jobs which can be chosen by workers who want to gain reputation within Daemo and help them overcome the "cold start" problem.

This will benefit both parties:

  1. It will help workers to overcome the "cold start" problem.
  2. It will help NGOs and charities to have access to workers to help them getting things done.

Regarding payment i have two ideas:

  • Charities and NGOs do not have to paid for the work done and what the worker gains is feedback and reputation.


  • Charities and NGOs just pay a smaller percentage of what it would cost the job and the worker receive this small compensation as well as feedback and reputation.