Summer Milestone 11 Skills-based Reputation System idea by AngelaRichmondFuller

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Skills-based element to the reputation system

I start with the following assumptions:

  1. All workers and requesters are good - as in morally.
  2. They also want to do quality work.
  3. They want good ratings.
  4. They deserve good feedback so that they can identify ways in which to develop.
  5. They want a second chance if things go wrong with a worker or requester. They don't want to feel that their career is over. They don't really want to take their profile down and do a new one.

Each task could be tagged with various skills such as time management, communication, photoshop, logo design, language related (such as written English or Chinese if we support other languages), intercultural communication, etc. Requesters and workers provide quick feedback on each skills area at milestones and upon completion of the task. For those receiving fewer than 3 out of 5, relevant learning and development materials would be highlighted to complete in order to gain further reputation points. If we give people the tools to improve the overall quality of the workforce will improve.

It would take time to develop and implement but if we focused on a skills-based reputation system where learning and development feeds into the reputation rating then newbies could gain reputation points without even having done a task by way of completing benchmark tasks to identify their skill level.

Skill-specific benchmark tasks, ideally created by experts in each specific skill area, could be given to workers to complete for reputation points. It would be useful to identify and provide information on good practice by way of providing examples of tasks that are 'working toward', 'performing at level' and 'commendable' - or something to that effect.

Jsilver mentioned that “having benchmark tasks and skills tests at the same time might be redundant. i've leaned towards skills test because that's what platforms have been offering for some time. one of my ideas has been to create a *crowdsourced* library of questions for skills tests. having a fairly huge and regularly updated library of skills questions would prevent cheating”. It’s a good idea. What does everyone else think?