Summer Milestone 2

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This is an overview of the tasks that are available for this week. They can be found as boards on Trello.

Focus Areas for this week are Micro + macro (how can our platform scale from microtasks to macrotasks?) and open governance (how can our platform adapt itself to respond to the needs of users over time?)

Macro/micro - Sketch out the interface and flow for creating a task. Needs to cover: payment, who is qualified, task interface (HTML editor?). Submit a sketch/storyboard with description. You can use paper, Illustrator, Balsamiq. Put it on a wiki page. Post it to Telescope.

    example. Page classification
    example. Copyedit my essay

- Brainstorm how we can prevent tasks from going off the rails for micro and macro (e.g., 10hrs of work and then rejected). Idea: milestones. 5%, or explicit. Or come up with your own. Sketch/storyboard with description. Paper/illustrator/balsamiq. Put on a wiki page. Post to telescope.

- Brainstorm how to monitor progress, review results and pay. Wiki—>telescope.

Open governance

Make a recommendation — will we be using direct democracy or representative voting?

    . Get feedback on the two storyboards
    . Write up a couple paragraphs with the feedback votes, and your recommendation and reasoning

ResearchEng Make the five issues