Summer Milestone 2

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This is an overview of the tasks we wish to accomplish this week. You can do whichever ones you are interested in / have time for. They can be found as boards on Trello.

Focus areas for this week are Micro and macro (how can we make our platform scale the whole spectrum of crowd work, from mTurk-like microtasks to oDesk-like macrotasks?) and open governance (how can our platform adapt itself to respond to the needs of users over time?)

Micro and macro tasks

We want to have a clear vision of how our platform can span the whole spectrum of crowd work tasks between mTurk-like micro tasks (ex: image/page classification), through oDesk-like macro tasks (ex: here's my 10 page essay, please proofread and edit it) and everything between.

Interface and Flow for Creating a Task

Tracking tasks

Monitoring progress, reviewing results, paying

Open governance

We want to be able to make a reccomendation - will we use direct democracy or representative voting?

We need to get feedback on the two storyboards:

Leadership Board

Participatory Democracy

Please synthesize feedback votes and make a recommendation.

Research Engineering

Five issues will go here. There are slack channels for each issue to help you coordinate.

If interested in working other issues, please check out the Github issues page. When you start working on an issue, link to your fork on the github issues page. If it is a large issue that may require collaboration, create a slack channel for it so others can discuss and collaborate with you, and link to it from the github issue.

Add yourself to this item if you'll be working on this milestone this week. If there's just one of you, you're the Directly Responsible Individual ("DRI") for make sure it gets done. (DRIs are a technique we're borrowing from Apple.) If there are multiple of you, the first person is by default the DRI, but you can decide on anyone!


Create a wiki page

For each of the submissions, please create a page on this wiki for your team's submission on this wiki. See here for instructions on creating new pages. Name your wiki page "Summer Milestone 2 YourTeamName TaskYouAreDoing" (substituting YourTeamName with your team name, or your username if you're going solo, and substituting TaskYouAreDoing with the name of the task you're submitting for)

Submission Categories

Submit at in the category according to which of the tasks you did

After submitting, please post to the submission to the trello board as a comment, to notify others and get their feedback.

Vote on others' submissions

Please look through the submissions at and vote and comment on others' submissions! Comment as much as you can - constructive feedback is valuable!