Summer Milestone 2 Jsilver: Design of Task Creation Page with Chat and Moderation feature

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Two Unique Features of this Task Creation Page

1. Ability for task moderation by job applicants and/or experts/moderators

2. Chat interface that allows communication between client and workers and/or moderators

Advantages of allowing workers (job applicants) to help in task design:

1. eliminates or reduces the cold-start problem

2. starts free but puts the worker in a path of improved reputation with pay (becoming a Task Moderator). Every Task Moderator starts this way.

3. enables more workers to participate and work in the platform as soon as they join

4. to a certain degree, it increases the chance of a worker to get a job. A worker gets a little advantage by jump-starting communication with the client this early.

Task Creation page - "Post a Job" tab

Question: In the above image, why is Job Category grayed out?

Answer: Not all clients are tech. savvy and would know the appropriate categories or skills required in a particular job.

@arichmondfuller, an experienced client, shares this sentiment: "Not all people who post the projects will know what skills it will require. @jsilver rightly mentions, 'you'd be surprised that several clients don't know the exact skills required to complete tasks'".

The "Skills Required" text field addresses this issue by allowing the client to list down all skills he thinks are relevant to the job. This text field will get auto-filled as he types the skills.

Chat Tab

The image below shows the chat interface where the client can communicate with job applicants and/or moderators.

The Applicants list in the chat interface shows whether the applicant has sent an unread message (applicant's name in bold letters) and online (green circle beside an applicant's name).

The client can switch to the other tab ("Post a Job") and make appropriate changes to the Job Description field or other fields, depending on what he learns from his discussion with the applicants. Changes would be saved automatically - with no page refresh required.

Just above the "End Chat" button, the client is asked "Is (applicant) helpful in finalizing the task description?" This is a question that helps improve the reputation of a deserving applicant and puts the applicant in a path towards being a (paid) Task Moderator. The client can also add an applicant to a "Favorites" list if the client is interested to work with the applicant in the future.

Task Creation page - "Chat" tab

See the sidebar (below image of a Worker dashboard) which could complement the job post created from this Wiki's Task Creation page.

Previously-proposed Worker Dashboard