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== Ogov-and-Operations ==
== Ogov-and-Operations ==
(will post the results soon)
== Recent Feedback ==
== Recent Feedback ==

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This wiki is a submission to the first goal: Sketch out the interface and flow for creating a task. [[1]]

Interface and Flow for Creating a Task

After Feedbacks Redesigned The first Mockup again Mockup Design2 https://kajal.mybalsamiq.com/projects/interfacesketching/mockup2
This was the original: Mockup Design1 https://kajal.mybalsamiq.com/projects/interfacesketching/mockup1. It allows requesters to post a job or task.

My design includes following features:

1. Project Name: The name of project or task
2. Description: This is a text Area.A description about the task, What requester wants, whats the purpose, whats the complexity etc.
3. Project Category: The category to which the task belongs. Either its of designing, or of development or marketing etc.Each category has sub category according to the first type. For example if user selects category as development then its sub category would focus on what type of development, either its webpage development or app development.
4. Estimated Budget: Whats the total cost that the requester is willing to pay.
5. Budget Type: Whats the type of pay he would have? Either fixed or hourly.
6. Skills Required: What are the skills required to take up the task. Each skill a requester choose have a sliding horizontal bar which he can set to any level between 0 to 10 satisfying the level of skill required given that level 0 means a beginner and level 10 means expert.
7. End Time: It tells the end date before which he wants the project to be completed.
8. Extra Attachments: Extra file that he wants to upload or terms and conditions. Anything.
9. Delivery Format: The format in which he wants the delivery either structured ones or explicitly stated ones.
10. Hiring Requirements: Is the hiring urgent or intermediate.Based on this we can have strategy how to expose him to max. workers.
11. ProgressBar: To show the progress status of the form filled and left to be filled.
12. Extrenal Links: External links such as Facebook,twitter or any other link where he want to share his task.

Monitor Progress, Review Results and Pay

I worked on second goal and drew a mockup. View it here Goal 2: Mockup Design http://kajal.mybalsamiq.com/projects/interfacesketching/goal2_mockup


Recent Feedback

(will post it soon)

Feedbacks are warmly welcomed.You can give it on trello or slack.