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''' Summer Milestone 2 Pumas '''
''' Summer Milestone 2 Pumas '''
this time in Summer Milestone 2 Pumas he achieved this week the following tasks, can be found on [https://trello.com/b/Od3TnK42/summer-milestone-2 Trello].
The areas to be worked on this week are as follows:
Our team Pumas worked on different tasks for this week's submission:
*Open Governance
*Research Engineering
*[https://trello.com/c/QXEGUTVV/4-leadership-vs-participatory-democracy-choose-one Open governance] (how can our platform adapt itself to respond to the needs of users over time?)
*Research Engineering
= Open Governance =
= Open Governance =

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Summer Milestone 2 Pumas

Our team Pumas worked on different tasks for this week's submission:

  • Open Governance
  • Research Engineering

Open Governance

Participatory Democracy

this option is carried out democracy within public forums where workers, requiesters and even developers, they can discuss and there subforums within the forum where different aspects are presented, unlike other ideas, this suggests that together reach a solution fairly, and let's reputation workers increase.

Fig 2. how reputation is evalued on the plataform?

Leadership Board

This idea is based on a committee that is made up of workers (25%), requesters(25%), and developers (25%), that must be the most popular and trusted, they themselves decide what problems to solve and which to ignore, likewise the solutions to the problems that confront decide.


According to the ratings that were put to the public of the ideas in the storyboards, we obtained the following results:

Fig 1. Graphical of vote

Interpreting the results, people chose slightly Participatory Democracy against Leadership Board, this means that people voted solving problems together and do not let certain people as shown Leadership. That means more people will like the idea of solving the problems in community instead of leaving it to a committee of people from the same group that can be ignored.

This can cause that everyone can feel more confident and express their ideas freely, as it can be used to improve the platform generally.

We can mention that with this vote, the way you think most people is just and truly democratic way.

Our team agrees with the decision of the votes of the people, Because we think it is right that the community of workers, requesters and developers using the plataform, they themselves can see and acknowledge mistakes, in order to improve this platform to provide better use to users, generating confidence, as it is expected to have an impact to them, to openly discuss problems, surely this will provide trust in people, because it has the freedom to express their discomfort. On the other hand, a possible disadvantage is that get out of context and lose importance.

Research Engineering

Gema1.png Gema2.png