Summer Milestone 2 Survey on Task Open Governance

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In order to decide on the form of governance for our platform, it is necessary to survey people, especially those that will possibly use the platform or have previous experience in similar platforms.
The two types were:
Leadership board
Participatory board

Contributers to this Survey:
Slack Username @niki_ab
Slack Username @kajalgupta


We created a Google form and conducted a small survey and reached out to people via various relevant platforms where requesters, workers, and researcher could participate in the vote.

The link to our form is:

We shared this form on various platforms such as Mturk, Facebook, Twitter, upwork, and reddit and collected responses. Here, we like to acknowledge those who shared our link and also @spamgirl for editing our form.


The results showed that 56 individuals participated in our survey. The leadership board was the winner with 55% of the votes.

Final Result:
Response Summary:
Response Sheet:


Some participants included comments that are related to their choice and those are summarized here. The fact that people are busy with other duties and cannot always participate in decision making in a timely manner was considered as an advantage of having a leadership board that could represent their interests. Some wanted the ability to select their leaders, others liked random selection that is rotated, some thought of a grading/scoring system based on contributions or their efforts to lead the community. Moreover, it was mentioned that if everyone is included in voting (democracy), it can cause more stress and can also be cumbersome. Some workers thought that it is better for the workers to decide as the changes will affect them. However, we think this could have been due to confusion, as there could be cases where requesters or researcher want improvements for problems. There were interests in secret voting and feedback structure instead of voting. Having equal rights, i.e., gender, race, region, etc. was considered as one of the parameters for selecting participatory democracy.


The result of our survey showed that the leadership board is the choice where the board members are selected based on their reputation and efforts to lead the community.