Summer Milestone 2 Vineet Sethia Interface and Flow for Creating a Task

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Summer Milestone 2 Vineet Sethia Design:Authoring A Task

Interface and Flow for Creating a Task: This wiki is a submission to the first goal: Vineet Sethia Interface Design:Authoring Task

Workflow:Create Project-->Category-->Basic Info-->Requirements-->Payments-->Final-->Confirmation Page

Interface and Flow for Creating a Task

My design includes following features:

2.Basic Info
6.Confirmation Page

Create Task

The Task can handle both Micro & Macro Tasks.For Creating a Task the Simple page Layout Contains one Sidebar which Contains the Basic Profile Info of the object like user's profile picture,tasks the user has previously completed & Jobs user has posted earlier.& the main page contains various sections to complete the job & finally posted it through social media links.There is progress bar for each window for fullfiling all details.Main page contains all information about the task like which category it falls,its requirements,payments & all other basic information.After succesfully completing each step user is guided to confirmation page,where he can comment about the task or share it through social media.


The first step for creating a task is pick a suitable category through category page.category page contains categories related to various areas like media,programmig,writing,health,food etc. various areas of expertise.user is free to choose any suitable category where he finds best match about his project's purpose & the catgory.

Basic Info

The second step for creating a task goes through the Basic Information page.the basic inforamation page contains primary details about the project Like Project Name,Project Description,Project Start Date,Project End Date & Hiring Requirement forurgent & intermediate task.


The third step for creating a task goes through by setting up the requirements.It plays a important role,because the worker's can be distinguish from the requirements of the projects. Requirements contains skills of the person & proficiency level in that skill.user can add more skills by clicking the plus icon aside contains project deadline as well so that worker's that can commit to the finishing a project before deadline can be choosen easily.


The fourth step for creating a a task goes through Payment section.This page describes payment basis like Hourly,Daily,Monthly or Fixed.Payment amount for the job in dollers & Payment method like in cash,cheque,PayPal,Bitcoin etc.


This is the final step for creating a project where user can provide his contact details & can upload files which is related to this project.uploaded files should be significant & support the project.& after completing all these steps & progress bar is completed.User can finally submit his project by pressing submit button.

Confirmation Page

After succesfully submiiting application,the submit page is led to confirmation page.where user gets a confirmation message about his project & he/she can share that job on all extenal social media links like- Facebook,LinkedIn,Google+,Twitter etc. public also provides facility to recieve & write comments over the project. that's it,the task is success created.

Here Is Some Glimpse About The Project:

1.Project Name:"Micro-Macro Crowd Resarch Interface & Workflow for Authoring a Task"

2.Project Type:

Project is basically related to Web Development involves Front end web technologies like HTML5,CSS3,Bootstrap,Javascript,Angular.js & Back end as PHP or Python with Laraval or Django Framework also involves writing skills like content & commercial writing.It is supported on all platforms & Devices.Main application founds in the areas of e-commerce,banking & crowdsourcing areas.