Summer Milestone 2 amx Worker Profile Design

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For my second milestone, I mostly focused on improving the worker profile design. During this time, it was decided amongst the Slack channel to change the name of the "worker profile" to "worker dashboard." From here on, the page will be referred to as the dashboard.


I first made a sketch of my idealized dashboard.

Dashboard sketch.jpg

Besides rearranging elements from the original design, the biggest change was the Recommended Tasks section. The original design featured a grid while my new design would be more "newsfeed"-style, with descriptions and thumbnails for each task as well as a link.

Coded Design

This is a screenshot of my coded dashboard.


The column size numbers don't quite match up to the sketch because of various things I learned while coding my design. I want my design to look less "chunky" but that is more related to the original CSS. This design is definitely just a prototype.


I learned a lot more about HTML, Bootstrap, and how webpages are made in general.


I definitely want to figure out what to do for the Recommended Tasks section. I also want to learn how to make my design look prettier.