Summer Milestone 2 iceLearn team on Task Macro and Micro

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Authoring a task

iceLearn team in Sri Lanka has created a mockup for posting a job in the platform. [1]

It allows users to create a job and post it.

Blasmiq link -


The whole page has tabs to fill

Select a category - You have to select a category -whether is it IT related, accounting ect... We have included icons for each category for the user friendliness.

Add Basic Information - adding the basic information about the job you need to get done

Skills needed - We assume that the requester do not need to know which level of skills needed, i,e if I am to get my photo into a album should I care which level of skills I need than just letting know the skills , this will e auto filling with the first letter , skilled will be according to the category selected on 1st tab

Payment - Number of hires to say if I want 3 3 people for the a job type.

Extra - To add special attachments and enable the job visibility - whether the requester going to go public job post in google,or with in just site or with his connections only

Reviewing Results

Once we post a job, selecting the worker is the next activity. Assuming there are few bidders , we have rendered the mockup.

Reviewing results -