Summer Milestone 2 nsivapra Open Goverance

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The goal of this experiment is to see if people prefer one set of democracy over another; in this case Leadership Democracy vs Participatory democracy.To accomplish this goal, I asked people online via Facebook, Reddit what type of Governance did they prefer. In addition, I also asked other people in person what they felt was the better form of democracy.


I had a total of 50 people who participated in this survey. I asked each person whether they felt that Leadership Democracy or Participatory Democracy was more efficient for crowd source platforms. Almost half of them choose equally between the Leadership and Participatory Democracy. However, at the end 54% choose the participatory democracy.


Most of the people I interviewed were equally conflicted as to what form of governance is better. They felt that both had an equal amount of advantages and disadvantages for each form of governance. The Participatory democracy allows workers to be involved and feel that they have a say in what they feel is right. However, the con is that they feel that they need to be dedicated and that they must spend their time to the platform. People thought it would be a hassle if everyone is able to vote; since popularity can play a factor in this case. For the Leadership Democracy, a board member can make sure that a qualified individual is in charge of the platform. However, the other members of the platform will feel that they are not represented. For the people that are busy with work or other duties, a leadership democracy would be an advantage since they have a leadership board that could represent their interests. The best way to design a form a governance is to understand the needs of people and what their preferences are.


If I had a say in what governance would be the best I would choose the Leadership Democracy. It's more convenient for workers who don't have the time to dedicate to the platform. However; the best form of governance should be one that combines both participation but allows us to pick a leader based on skills instead of popularity and fame.