Summer Milestone 3 Ryo Suzuki Task Monitoring Prototype

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Micro+Macro: Task Monitoring

This week's goal was 1) synthesize designs suggested in the last week, and 2) create an HTML interface that translates these ideas into an HTML page

I reviewed the following task monitoring design proposed in Milestone 2

- Saviaga’s design:

- Surabhi’s design:

- Little Ball’s design:

- Kajal Gupta’s design:

and tried to synthesize these design and translate into HTML/CSS + AngularJS prototype. Here is the screenshot.


GIF version:

GitHub pull request:

Monitoring: convergence and HTML prototype:

Related Trello: [Macro/Micro] Monitoring: convergence and HTML prototype:

This is still a prototype, so any comment and suggestion are helpful.

I think that task monitoring page need to be closely integrated with task-reviewing and milestone-authoring. So I continue to improve it.