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Some noted by Michael, based on 1st meeting: [https://crowdresearch.slack.com/files/michaelbernstein/F06AL11PV/Michael_s_notes_from_June_13_brainstorming here]
== Open Governance ==
== Open Governance ==

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This is an overview of the milestones we wish to accomplish this week. The goal is for each person or team to complete at least one milestone. You can choose whichever ones you are interested in and can dedicate the time to. They can be found as boards on Trello.

Add yourself as a member on Trello to any milestone that you plan to complete this week.

This week we are continuing to focus on Micro/Macro (how can we make our platform scale the whole spectrum of crowd work, from mTurk-like microtasks to oDesk-like macrotasks?) and open governance (how can our platform adapt itself to respond to the needs of users over time?) as well as engineering our platform. We are also continuing the collaborative writing process for our paper submission.

We need to submit all milestones for this week by 11:59pm Pacific Daylight Time on Thursday 18th June.

Macro + Micro



Some noted by Michael, based on 1st meeting: here

Open Governance


UIST poster paper


Research Engineering

Learn AngularJS


Voting for Name



Create a wiki page

For each of the submissions (with the exception of Research Engineering - with Research Engineering you're submitting pull requests on Github), please create a page on this wiki for your submission.

See here for instructions on creating new pages. Name your wiki page "Summer Milestone 4 YourTeamName TaskYouAreDoing" (substituting YourTeamName with your team name, or your Slack username if you're going solo, and substituting TaskYouAreDoing with the name of the task you're submitting for)

Submission Categories

Submit at http://crowdresearch.meteor.com/ in the category according to which of the tasks you did









After submitting, please post to the submission to the trello board as a comment, to notify others and get their feedback.

Vote and comment on others' submissions

Please look through the submissions at http://crowdresearch.meteor.com/ and vote and comment on others' submissions! Comment as much as you can - constructive feedback is valuable!