Summer Milestone 4

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The milestone objectives are on Trello:

Macro + Micro

Open Governance

UIST poster paper

Research Engineering

Learn AngularJS

Voting for Name


Create a wiki page

For each of the submissions (with the exception of Research Engineering - with Research Engineering you're submitting pull requests on Github), please create a page on this wiki for your submission.

See here for instructions on creating new pages. Name your wiki page "Summer Milestone 4 YourTeamName TaskYouAreDoing" (substituting YourTeamName with your team name, or your Slack username if you're going solo, and substituting TaskYouAreDoing with the name of the task you're submitting for)

Submission Categories

Submit at in the category according to which of the tasks you did




After submitting, please post to the submission to the trello board as a comment, to notify others and get their feedback.

Vote and comment on others' submissions

Please look through the submissions at and vote and comment on others' submissions! Comment as much as you can - constructive feedback is valuable!