Summer Milestone 4 Pumas Open Gov

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The development of these ideas, was through an exchange of ideas with the team ,to contribute to the following questions that were exposed and made ​​the following contributions to which of deliberating well be the best option, pros and cons gain:

How does someone level up once they're in the system already? (e.g., how does Level 5 go to Level 6?)

We proposed two ideas to help people to level up.
1. Do SubTasks for the next Level!


2. CrowdWorker Academia!

Another idea we had to level up was for workers/requestors to take intensive courses that show the progress of the worker, for example feedback that workers see their progress and the end of each task to say whether the assignment or assigned work was difficult or very easy to develop .Feedback may be not only the worker itself, but of course it takes, the tasks and the mode of application of this for us is a way of measuring tasks to improve or change. Up to this point we discuss, How it could be improved, however the question remains contained , How it level ?.

For better leveling would take courses with an expert, all coincided equipment online could be unsatisfactory for that worker had a better performance , that is, as know it improves if someone else does not displayed or evaluated , the system could not see but that would be wrong or what their major flaws for better progress.

It was also discussed about references ,How good can have references to workers !, perhaps is massively difficult to use the references as a medium of choice , but not only we will build on to see how much you know or what your experience will perhaps also we could investigate the worker himself , for example, if a team player or you know contribute to it. How well it is developed with non commensurate with their workplace. In conclusion , we say that the best way forward is that the worker is constant in the course or practice , with a constant and accurate assessment and at the same time feedback on their performance and around itself.



How does this entire milestone-based qualification work for microtasks?

The best method of rating could be competition not speak necessarily to compete with other workers ( although it is a major point for discussion , as this would help us to choose the best ) are talking about a competition with himself a overcoming mode if does not reach the required score or do not finish their task satisfactorily simply no fun advances to achieve , ie their progress is reflected in the time it has tried to improve , to move forward.