Summer Milestone 4 Sundevil week4-analysis-and-brainstorming

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Micro + Macro task proposal

A system proposal for micro and macro task with M0 and consecutive milestones.


To handle the micro and macro task efficiently, requester has to mention whether the posted task is a micro task (single task) or a macro task (multiple milestones). Because of this categorization. Its easier for a worker to choose what type of task they want to and also keeps the platform confusion less.

Micro task

A task tagged as a micro task is a single task and can be completed in a small duration. If the task is approved, the worker gets paid.

Example Scenario

Macro Task

Any task with multiple milestones counts as a macro task.


M0 Milestone

First and basic step of a macro task. Its open to all and its easy and less time consuming. Drawing inspiration from Michaels thought, this milestone acts as a quality check for the consecutive milestones. The requester can choose a couple of M0 which he likes and post them as a template for the direction in which the consecutive milestones should proceed

M1 milestone

The M1 milestone can be taken up by any worker. But it should adhere to the sample M0 milestone chosen by the requester. Requester has to pay the worker for M1. But they can approve the M1 only if it follows up the sample M0 or he likes it.

Who can take up the task and when they are paid

M0: Everyone can take up the task, No one is paid. This milestone acts as a gateway to accomplish the macro task

M1: Everyone can take up the task, Workers whose work was done by following the requesters chosen M0 designs are approved and they get paid.

M2....Mn: Inviation only or workers who has been chosen based on M0 and M1 are given access to finish the successive milestones.Every worker working on these milestones are paid.

Example scenario

Consider the task of creating an android app for displaying an hotel menu.

M0: The worker has to list down all the features which he can include in the app and also what are all the technology he can use.

M1: Basic framework of the app has to be designed and submitted based on the set of M0 features chosen by requester.

M2...Mn: Completion and implementation of all the features listed.