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What if we can replace Milestone-0 to Milestone-O, where O stands for open-source.

Open-Source ????!!!

How could a milestone be open-source, here are the details :

  • When requester comes to the step of creating First Milestone, He will get three options  :
    • a. Normal milestone, as we have been discussing.
      • Paid : Requester will have to pay each and every workers who completed this milestone successfully.
      • Private : Only requester will be able to view the results submitted by workers.
    • b. Open-source Milestone, (free and public)
      • Free : Requester will not pay every worker for this milestone, but only those, who he selects for further Tasks.
      • Public : The results submitted in this type of milestone, will be public, anybody can view those results, and can see the workers who submitted them.
    • c. Use existing Open-Source Milestone : Requester can skip creating milestone, and can directly go through those already existing, if he gets something similar to his requirement, he can use it as guide for improving his tasks, and to select the workers ( or request workers to work on his task). If in case, no suitable Milestone is found, he can anytime come back to select either of first two.

  • Now Following are the Issues, this Proposal Solves :
    • a. Requester does not require to pay multiple workers for the same task.
    • b. Requester can quickly create effective milestone based on existing ones, and can select workers.
    • c. Those workers who are new to platform and are lagging of experience on their profile, can showcase their skill, as their submissions will be visible on their profile. So they will be eager to do these Milestones free of cost. They will be able to build up their reputation right from beginning, even if they are not assigned work.
    • d. As a feature, reviewer will be able to rate each submission and will be able to give feedback, which will also be visible to everyone.
    • e. We can also use these milestones to rate the skill level of workers.

Edits after discussion :

  1. Worker should be able to make his submission anonymous, but the feedback given by user will be visible. [Credits : Kajal Gupta]
  2. Submissions will only be made public once the task is Complete or the Milestone-0 is locked. So that the originality of the submissions are not compromised. [Credits : Aditi Nath]

--Vishwajeet Narwal (talk) 15:08, 16 June 2015 (PDT) slack : vnarwal95